Polished Perfection transports business to new Plymouth premises

It’s been six months since car-detailing company Polished Perfection geared itself for further growth by moving into new Plymouth premises.
Now based in Valley Road, owner and founder Cameron Black moved the prestige car-detailing business from his 2,000 square foot garage in South Brent last November after an acceleration in interested customers.
As expected, it’s a move that has greatly fuelled a positive spike in prospective customers looking to maintain, enhance and protect their performance vehicles.
Cameron said:
‘From week one of moving into my new premises, business has taken off. I previously didn’t really consider space a massive issue, but I did know I needed more of it.
‘Where we’re based now is much bigger and, especially with the increase in business, I’ve suddenly realised how necessary the additional space is.’
Cameron set up Polished Perfection almost three years ago, but his passion for prestige car-detailing spans back much farther.
‘As a child I used to play with replica models of Ferraris and Porsches, not just your everyday bog-standard cars. I was very picky when it came to cars, and I still am.’
Describing his attention to detail and level of service is ‘on a par with OCD,’ Cameron continued ‘I love what I do and it’s great that I can turn my passion for cars into a business. I couldn’t dream of doing anything else.’
Hailing from Ivybridge, Cameron has worked with prestige cars all over the world, even as far as Dubai and Australia. However, he remained loyal to his roots and has returned to work with cars across his home county.
‘I’ve had in vehicles from across the South West, the most expensive so far being a Ferrari worth £200,000. When you’re handling cars that expensive you know you’ve got to deliver nothing but perfection,’ he continued.
From intricate interior detailing to maintenance washes and new car protection, Cameron’s services are perfect for car owners who are just as passionate about wheels as he is.
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